Suzanne's Original Hot Sauce

Well, You all asked for it! Now they are Here, just in time for the Holidays!

Suzanne's Own…
Original Habanero
Extra Hot Habanero
Chipotle & Roasted Garlic

Truly the "Best in the West"!

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Suzanne's Hot Stuff - Cave Creek, Arizona
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TOXIC - 10++, 10+++, 10++++

Extremely Hot!
When using any sauces marked 10+ to 10++++ use extreme caution Each item uses concentrated pepper extract, and is hotter than any sauce could be using peppers alone. Generally used to spice up a sauce, soup, or any dish you wish not to taste.
Keep away from children and pets. May cause blistering

Most will be accompanied by a waiver.
ALMOST TOXIC Hot Sauces 8,9
Very Hot!
Generaly the hottest you can get by using peppers alone. generelly using the habenaro pepper or the blistering of habenaros the Red Savina.

Pretty Damn Hot!
The title pretty much will explain this category. Great Level if you like it hot. and able to taste food the next day.Here you will find a mix of habeneros and jalapenos

Great sauce to spice up your chili or chicken wing receipe great taste without killing off your taste buds. mostly jalapenos and chipotle mixed in for the roasted flavor

Spicy Ketchup!
Some in this category also come with their very own nipples. Yes don't revert to this level at the super bowl party, unless your with cheer leaders. Mainly here you will find BBQ sauces and very mild salsas

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