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Suzanne's Gourmet Southwest Rub

Suzanne's unique blend of chiles and spices will add the exciting taste of Southwest flavor when rubbed on meats, poultry, fish, or sprinkled on vegetables.

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The Hottest Fucking Nuts 10oz.
We warned you. These are seriously Fuckin’ hot nuts! That’s right, we said it…because we had to. There is no other way to describe just how hot these nuts are. I suppose we could have said, "It’s like the fiery depths of hell." or that, "It’s ass-burning." and avoid contact with sensitive areas. But that just seems so wordy. These nuts are hot as Fuck! Succinct and to the point…no beating around the bush! Honesty is always the best policy, isn’t it? If these nuts burn you intensely, don’t be afraid to let it out. Scream ‘Fuck’ at the top of your lungs. You’ll feel better. There is no better verbal therapy!
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Wake The Fuck Up Coffee
Need to be alert? Got some studying to do? Working late? Can’t afford to fall asleep at the wheel? Here’s your remedy. This coffee makes a seriously strong fuckin’ cup of Joe. It’ll put a stride in your step and some lead in your pencil. Not to mention that you’ll probably reorganize the garage and finally get to the lawn. Wake the Fuck UP and live! Your new motto can be: Sleep is for the dead! You won’t perspire, you’ll percolate. This is clearly a better option to the caffeine IV drip.
-- Drip grind, 1 lb.
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