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No Shit This Is Hot HL-10
No Shit This Is Hot- Get the toilet paper out ‘cause yer gonna need it! This hot sauce will keep your butt burning. Comes with animal keychain that yes – You know, squeeze it and well s__t comes out the back! Great label. Not responsible for spontaneous farts!
Ingredients: 2 various Habanero peppers, cayenne, pepper mash, ginger puree, garlic juice.
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Widow - No Survivors Hot Sauce HL-10
Widow No Survivors – Beware of the Black Widow and her tangly web. Once she lures you into her web, you won’t come back, for the Widow truly has NO SURVIVORS! Use one drop at a time.
Ingredients: Habanero peppers, capsaicin.
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Crazy Jerry's Brain Damage HL-10
Are you ready for a hot sauce that is mind blowin’? Crazy Jerry has done it again. Now this hot sauce ain’t for wimps or people without a sense of adventure. A great tasting sauce with mandarin oranges, honey, mango fruit, and habanero peppers. Bottle even has a pink brain on the top!
Ingredients: Mandarin oranges, honey, mango fruit, and habanero peppers.
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